The Interdidactic Colombia took place in Bogotá, from September 21 – 24. The Interdidactic was the first international fair of technological material and equipment targeting the educational sector in Colombia. During the show E-Blocks was launched in Colombia by eTech Technologies , E-Blocks sales partner for Latin America and Caribbean.

E-Blocks was presented at this years Frankfurt Book Fair from October 4-8. The E-Blocks booth received enthusiastic attendees from all over the world and it was very successful.

In the picture, Moshe Lahav, E-Blocks International Marketing and Sales Consultant, and Peter Cvik, E-Blocks´ Sales partner for Slovakia and Czech Republic.
CONFIGURATION MANAGER – A unique tool for Levels 2 and 3

One of the most effective features of Level 2 and 3 is the Configuration Manager. The Configuration Manager allows teachers to enter their own set of words, pictures and sounds to customize some of the lessons according to the students´needs or curriculum areas.
E-BLOCKS PRESENTS A NEW TOOL: Teaching Management System

A new tool was implemented in the E-Blocks software, the TMS -Teaching Management System. The TMS is a tracking system where teachers can monitor students and see exactly how each group is progressing or struggling. The system automatically records the group progress by collecting students’ responses, time-on-task, and other performance indicators generating detailed reports on each group of students. This data can be viewed on-screen, printed or exported to spread sheet programs. E-Blocks USA presented this new tool to several US schools and the feedback from the teachers was very positive.


During November, E-Blocks attended two conferences. First we were in Dallas for the National School Boards, Technology and Learning Conference where the reception to the product was very positive. We expect to do a lot of successful follow up. Next, we attended Puerto Rico’s TESOL Conference. Alex Paiva, E-Blocks Academic Manager, was able to do a presentation at the conference and teachers were very enthusiastic about the product and its potential for helping students learn English.


E-Blocks USA was excited to hold its first Sales Meeting this past October. The meeting was a wonderful opportunity for all participants to learn more about E-Blocks and Positivo Informática. The group gained a strong understanding of the educational value of E-Blocks, shared successful sales strategies and got to know each other while enjoying the first snow in Denver, Colorado. The new Independent Sales Representatives are anxious to introduce E-Blocks to customers around the United States.
AASSA Conference – Asunción, Paraguay

E-Blocks was presented at the Association of American Schools in South America -AASSA - Annual Conference at the Asuncion Sheraton Hotel from October 19 – 21. E-Blocks sales partner company eTech Technologies presented our innovative solution for Latin America Schools which are affiliated to AASSA and provide bilingual education to their students. The directors and teachers had the opportunity to see the solution potential and the benefits in using E-Blocks as a powerful tool to help their students to learn English.


From October 12-15, E-Blocks was presented at Mextesol 2006, in León, Guanajuato. The convention was a great success and the E-Blocks partner company eTECH Technologies´ booth received many attendees such as decision makers, directors, government staff, among others.

As the new year approaches, E-Blocks will be attending several conferences around the country including FETC in Orlando, Florida and CUE in Southern California. We look forward to meeting new customers and sharing the excitement of E-Blocks with them.

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