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We are a preschool program located in Weston, FL. Our preschool prides itself in being completely bilingual, teaching our young children between the age of 1 and 5 in both English and Spanish, with Spanish as the first language. All activities and instructions are given in both languages, these activities include: Language development, communications skills, fine motor activities, activities that involve gross motor development, art activities, cognitive development, mathematics skills, and science and so on.

We are constantly in search of an accepting new developmental toys and program that are both age appropriate and help teachers apply new teaching methods in their daily activities; making each day a new learning experience for both the children and themselves.

E-BLOCKS is a computer program that is extremely innovative, and is used as a tool for teaching math, English, and introduce children to initial literacy skills. E-BLOCKS is based on the well-known concept that children learn by doing hands–on activities. E-BLOCKS provides unlimited hands-on interaction for preschool age children, as well as, children that are Elementary aged.

One of the advantages of E-BLOCKS is that children may work together in groups or as individual.

We here at VIP Kids have enjoyed the wonderful opportunity of implementing this program in our facility, during our summer VPK (Pre-K 4 and 5) program in July 2007 and currently in our fall VPK (Pre-K 4 and 5) program. During this semester we have observed a great interest in computer games and activities in these young children. We also observed the E-BLOCKS program to be a great tool in aiding the teachers; with reinforcement in all areas of fine motor development, cognitive skills and growth, eye-hands coordination, pre-mathematical skills, language development and comprehension. The program also helps children understand the importance of taking care of classroom materials, as well as working individually and in groups.


Andreina Story
VIP Preschool - VPK Teacher

Andreina Story
VIP Preschool - VPK Teacher - Florida - USA

The E-Blocks software is being amazing for our pre-k classroom. Four year-old kids learn better when they can actually manipulate concepts and play with them. This is what the E-Blocks software does. By selecting the appropriate blocks for each activity, matching blocks with characters and numbers to the right answers, using blocks to simulate patterns, kids are constantly practicing the concepts of one to one correspondence, classification and patterns. The software has also many fun activities to help children recognize letters and sounds. All activities are designed to stimulate cooperative play and learning among the children since the software comes with a hardware panel to be used by four to six children at the same time. By using E-Blocks my pre-K kids were able to master in one month concepts that otherwise thy will have mastered in three to six

Romy Capote, Director/President of Lullaby Learning Center, Florida, USA

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