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Special Needs

Eblocks are amazing! They are the perfect compliment to computer play and appropriate for kids of all ages. Young children just learning their letters and numbers can play matching games, while older children can continue to grow and learn with more advanced lessons. The nice sized blocks are the perfect manipulative to help active kids stay focused on learning with the computer. Many children with special needs have limited language and or motor skills making it difficult to find engaging games and activities that are accessible. Eblocks allows children who have not yet mastered mouse skills to play at the computer and show their knowledge by placing blocks on the eblocks tray. We’ve even added Braille tape to help children with visual impairments identify the blocks. There are so many activities to choose from with multiple levels to meet a wide range of abilities and interests. We love Eblocks!

Lekotek of GA
Kennesaw, GA


I first saw eBlocks at an FETC conference in January of 2007. I met Lizbeth Uzcátegui, an eBlocks representative, and she showed me all of the amazing features that eBlocks has to offer. I really was interested in the fact that eBlocks allows you to differentiate instruction. This was important for me because my students are at such various learning levels. I loved that--with eBlocks--students work collaboratively to reach the goal of the learning games. With eBlocks, teachers are able to track each group's information and progress. Teachers are also able to configure different lessons to correlate what being studied in the classroom.
I didn't have the money to purchase eBlocks on my own and neither did my school. So I had to work out plan to get them in my classroom. I wrote two grants for eBlocks in 2007. I didn't get them but I didn't give up! I wrote another grant in 2008 and got it! I have had eBlocks since November 2008 and I am thrilled with them so far.
My students LOVE to play them and even ask to play them during their playtime. eBlocks engages my students and keeps them interested with the learning games.
I am so happy that I wrote the grants for eBlocks because it is another way I can support the learning of my students!

Amy Ayers NBCT
Kindergarten Teacher
Highlands Elementary

We are currently using E-Blocks with children with Down syndrome, autism and
cerebral palsy. And we are finding that they are very successful with them.
We would like a lower level - preschool - version that is simpler with less
logic and generalization. We do love the product and appreciate the professionalism of
everyone we've met associated with the company.

Lekotek of Georgia - a nonprofit toy/computer lending library for children
with disabilities
Georgia, USA

Helene Prokesch

I am a teacher at Minneola Elementary Charter School and I have your E-Blocks program in my classroom. I teach kindergarten and first grade students with Autism. Your program has been instrumental in teaching my children reading skills. I struggle with finding materials that will engage my students and yours does a terrific job!! It meets many of their sensory needs along with providing them with the academics they require. It is one of the few activities in our class that they request to use. Of my 8 students 6 of them use E-Blocks each day. The other two are significantly cognitively delayed and are not able to use the program at this time. My principal forwarded your email to me and I was excited to know that you offer more than what we are using in our classroom. I am very interested in receiving information about these other programs and updates for the one that we have. Your program has been extremely successful in our classroom and I look forward to your response and receiving additional information.

Betsy Cahours
Autism K-1/ESE Dept. Chair
Minneola Elementary
Tarares, Florida


I just want to share my enthusiasm for E-Blocks . My students (K-3rd gr. Autistic Unit) have been using this multi-sensory program for almost 2 years. They are making progress as they practice their literacy skills in a fun, hands-on way. At the ATIA 2008 Conference, I learned that there is more to eBlocks than Level 1. I cannot wait to introduce my students to the Level 2 and Math programs!

Patricia Grinnell
ESE Teacher
Triangle Elementary School
Lake County, Florida


The E-blocks computer program is an essential learning tool that enables students to work cooperatively and targets various learning styles namely, visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile. E-blocks should be in every Kindergarten through First Grade classroom. I noticed a vast improvement in my students’ reading and spelling skills.

Christie Alexander
K-1 st grade ESE Teacher
Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary School
Miami Dade - Florida - USA

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