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E-Blocks é um produto excelente, não apenas de ordem cognitiva, mas também educacional, pois ajuda as crianças a trabalharem em grupos independentes da professora.

Carmen Spangenberg
Kindergarten Teacher
Ada Merritt School
Miami, Florida


I have seen a great improvement in phonemic awareness in my English Language Learners. They are also, recognizing vocabulary words they have seen in the program. My students cannot wait for their turn to use E-Blocks.

Anna Flores, NBCT
1st grade - Dr. Carlos J. Finlay Elementary School
Miami Dade - Florida - USA

Teachers at our school find E-Blocks® to be a great program for motivating students to be responsible for their own learning. Our ELL students love to work with the E-Blocks® system. One day when a substitute was in the E-Blocks® classroom, two English language learners wanted to work on E-Blocks® so badly that they taught the sub how to get the program going and then proceeded to work independently!

Molli Sipe
Principal of Borrego Springs Elementary

I have a 1st grader that waits all week just to have an opportunity to use E-Blocks®. Over the past month I have seen a remarkable improvement in her sounding out vowels and consonants. More teachers are sending their children to my classroom to use E-Blocks® because of my student’s progress.

Nanci Bruck
Fair Avenue Elementary
Los Angeles, CA

Our experiences with the E-Blocks® are fun, entertaining and most of all educational.

Rita Cárdenas
Waco, TX

My students think E-Blocks® is a fabulous product.

Gwen Dempsey
Northside Elementary School
Cedartown, GA

E-Blocks is an excellent product that I use with my English language learners.It is an excellent tool for teaching phonemic awareness and phonics skills. I use it with English language learners in 1st and 2nd grades who are always enthusiastic and motivated to use E-Blocks. The pictures, the songs, the activities and the games are presented in an innovative way. The colorful images and audio provide a concrete experience and facilitate the acquisition of language. After I thoroughly introduce the unit, my students complete the activities independently. Their reading development has been impacted by working in groups on E-Blocks. Overall, it is a great hands-on system for teaching and for students to acquire language.

Liliana Troya-Lobaina
ESOL Resource Teacher - Ada Merritt Elementary
Miami, FL

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