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E-Blocks Math
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Operating under a multi-sensorial approach associating hardware, software and blocks labeled with numbers, arrows and characters, the E-Blocks Math program links abstract and concrete to achieve coherent and intuitive learning.

Target Audience

E-Blocks Math was designed for children between the ages of 3 and 8. Groups of up to 6 students join in an adventure to discover and understand math concepts in a fun and meaningful way.

E-Blocks can be used by:
• Pre-schools and Kindergartens
• Elementary Schools
• Special Education
• Foreign Language Programs

The software
The software comes in English, Spanish and Portuguese, runs in both PC and MAC platforms and offers over 70 planned exercises to present and consolidate learning.

TMS - Teacher Management System
The Teacher Management System (TMS) in E-Blocks Math allows the teachers to monitor students' progress and export data into any spread sheet program. The TMS stores detailed group-performance information that allows teachers to identify students' strengths and limitations to make teaching more effective.

Activity guide for teachers
Introduces elements to facilitate class management, as well as detailed explanations about the operation of each activity proposed and the skill set developed in students.

With the E-Blocks Math Learning Table, schools engage decisively in the quest to accomplish the UN Millennium Goal: address shortfalls in teaching and learning science, languages and math on a global scale.

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