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E-Blocks Math places the leading edge in education technology at the service of the students and the success of the school. With the E-Blocks Math schools engage decisively in the quest to accomplish the UN Millennium Goal: address shortfalls in teaching and learning science, languages and math on a global scale.

Operating under a multi-sensorial approach, associating hardware, software, blocks with numbers, arrows and characters, E-Blocks Math links abstract and concrete to achieve coherent and intuitive learning.

Children ages 3 to 8 work in small groups discovering close to 70 activities filled with important mathematical concepts such as spatial notion, location, classification, geometric objects, measurements and capacity, shapes or forms, number sense, building math equations and sequential patterns, logical instructions, and problem solving.

E-Blocks Math also offers a Teacher Management System (TMS), which stores detailed information about the activities developed by each group at their
E-Blocks Math and allows assessment of results, strengths and weaknesses of each group of students.
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