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E-Blocks Español

E-Blocks Español is a multi-sensory system for learning Spanish. It manages to complement in a single software the principles of the constructivism, “Hands-on learning,” Total Physical Response (TPR) and cooperative learning. E-Blocks Español was developed to consolidate reading and writing skills. The program has three levels of activities, which go from letter recognition and word construction, to working with texts.

The activities in the software work with fables, games, proverbs, sayings, tongue twisters, animations, and videos with more than 1,400 words and 800 images.
With E-Blocks Español teachers can modify and adapt the content of the program to the needs of each student, their curriculum objectives, and their pedagogical strategies. E-Blocks Español offers customizable features that allow continuous modifi­cations and unlimited addition of new words, sounds, texts, images and animations to individualize students’ learning. Therefore, making the learning process more significant and effective for all students.

E-Blocks Español has been successful with all learners, including students with learning difficulties and special education.

E-Blocks Español emphasizes:

• Multi-sensorial Learning: E-Blocks Español presents a great variety of activities that stimulate visual, auditory and kinesthetic learning. In addition, students have infinite opportunities to develop their logical thinking skills and to consolidate their learning.

• Group skills: E-Blocks Español allows up to 6 children to learn together and develop their group skills. When learning together, students work on respecting each other’s turns, and find the correct answer to solve the questions presented by software.

• Hands-on learning: students create their answers using blocks at the same time that they stimulate their senses and reinforce their learning.

All programs in the E-Blocks family use the same sensory panel which extends learning into any subject, including English, math and Portuguese.
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