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Phonemic Awareness

E-Blocks Level 0 and 1 Phonics are based on phonemic awareness. Children learn letter-sound correspondence following colored fish through different marine worlds or on a fun train-ride through mountains, deserts and waterfalls.

Phonemic awareness instruction helps children learn to read. It also improves their reading comprehension. For children to understand what they read, they must be able to read words rapidly and accurately.

Besides initial literacy exposure, E-Blocks Level 0 Phonics can also be used as a valuable tool for introducing children from a non-Latin-based language background to the English alphabet.

E-Blocks Level 1 Phonics uses songs as a way of practicing sounds. Songs are extremely valuable in motivating young learners. Singing in a group is fun, and children enjoy learning many songs during the course of the year. E-Blocks offers songs that were written especially for the individual topics. The E-Blocks system offers a unique karaoke feature; children are extra-motivated when they hear their own voices in the computer.

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