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E-Blocks English
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The program is divided into 5 separate levels. Its content is based on international syllabus standards and can be used as a stand-alone course or as a supplementary resource.

Target Audience
E-Blocks English is designed for children ages 4 -10 including absolute beginners with limited prior exposure to English and/or computer technology, and also for children with special learning needs.

E-Blocks can be used by
• Pre-schools and Kindergartens
• Elementary Schools
• ESL programs
• Special Education
• Bilingual programs
• After School programs

E-Blocks English promotes:
• Letter-sound training (phonemic awareness).
• Sight word practice
• Initial reading mechanics
• Reading comprehension skills
• Basic sentence structure awareness
• Extended listening comprehension practice
• Active vocabulary practice with 1200 words and expressions
• Practice with authentic accents

The software
High quality voice recordings provide the opportunity for students to practice listening skills based on authentic accents. All software levels offer a choice of American or British accents during installation.

Teacher's Guide
The teachers’ guide includes resources for facilitating classroom management as well as detailed notes for fully exploring each activity using both the software and the Student companion book.

Flash Cards
Flash cards provide a visual means of introducing most of the new vocabulary. In addition, by providing a visual anchor in the memory, children are able to replace the image with the written word.

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