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13 Jun 2012
Special Visitors from China

INTERNATIONAL VISIT On May 25th, Positivo Junior Bilingual School students had the honor to receive the visit of three Chinese teachers from Yibeile Education, who came to Positivo Junior School to know the institution and specially to experience the work done with the "World of Discoveries AR" solution (a new tool that works with Augmented Reality). The institution is based on a franchise network called E-Blocks Centers – present in more than 20 cities in China – all of them using the methodology and solutions developed by Positivo Informática. The visit started with a cultural moment among the fourth-grade of Bilingual School students and the Chinese visitors. The foreign teachers demonstrated a video presenting their school; the same gesture was performed by Positivo students in return. Then, students and teachers asked and answered questions related to cultural aspects of both countries in English. Chinese teachers also performed songs in English and Mandarin. According to teacher Audry Castello Branco - director of the Bilingual School - the visit was a moment of special value for the foreign teachers and the Brazilian students. "The Chinese visitors had the opportunity to know a very innovative work we are developing and students had the opportunity to live a very intense cross cultural experience that supports their present studies regarding the celebration of 200 years of Chinese Immigration in Brazil".
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