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11 Feb 2011
E-Blocks in Malaysia !

Kuala Lumpur 10 Feb- The Mara Education Foundation (YPM) will make available an electronic learning product named E-Blocks at 64 Orphan Homes to assist the children in mastering the English Language.

YPM's Chief Executive Officer, Sharif Hamid said that the availability of the E-Blocks will be installed at the various orphanages mainly in the rural communities starting from March under the Anjung Ilmu programme.

According to him, E-Blocks the combination of a multimedia computer software and the effective teaching pedagogy will assist children aged 6 to 10 years old to learn English and Maths with the integrated use of attractive pictures, music, graphics, and co-dependent games.

Clearly, E-Blocks is a well structured programme which emphasises learning by doing, listening and reading.

"The main focus of YPM is to assist the children located in the rural communities that have limited access to high quality learning material in English and Maths."

"YPM believes that using E-Blocks will enable children to utilise their creative skills to learn English and Maths with ease" he said.

He said this during an event that introduced E-Blocks which is made by a Brazillian company, Positivo Corporation and Oxford Centre for Leadership (OXCEL), here today.

In attendance were the OXCEL Kuala Lumpur Advisor, Dato' Ghazali Yusoff; OXCEL Asia-Pacific CEO, Dr Saiful Bahri and Positivo Corporation International Sales Director, Mr Juliano Fontes Fornasaro.

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