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14 Jul 2008
Worlddidac Award 2008

21 Innovative Products Decorated with the Worlddidac Award 2008

The evaluation for the Worlddidac Award, which is the most recognized international prize in the education sector, took place from June 1 to 6, 2008 in Bern, Switzerland. 52 products from 11 countries representing all education sectors did participate; eventually the international expert jury decided that 21 products lived up to the high standards in quality and innovation that qualify for the Worlddidac Award. The official presentation of the Worlddidac Award 2008 to the winners will take place on October 28, 2008 on the eve of the international education trade show and exhibition WORLDDIDAC Basel 2008. The products will then be introduced to the interested public and many of them will also be on display during the three days of the show.

Among this year's winners there is E-Blocks by Positivo Informatica, Brazil. This product is designated for children to develop basic literacy and numeracy skills and consists of a console resembling a keyboard, the actual E-Blocks, an analogy to the wooden building blocks for kids, and software which controls the inputs supplied though the console. The Jury recognized E-Blocks as a remarkable example of disruptive innovation because it addresses fundamental learning questions in a totally new way. Using a unique combination of sensory hands-on activities, E-Blocks goes beyond its original purpose and also fosters IT-skills and teamwork capabilities. The Jury anticipates that E-Blocks may be able to become a groundbreaker for a new generation of learning products that can rejuvenate the greatly European dominated world of educational resources.

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