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07 Jul 2008
UK's Schoolzone approves E-Blocks Math

Schoolzone has the largest teacher research community in the UK and are experienced at carrying out market research, content development, evaluation and consultancy. Schoolzone has worked with well over 120 clients, including The DCSF, BBC and RM, on tasks such as these and covers the spectrum of educational resources and issues, ranging from books, software, training and hardware to sharing good practice and advice. Currently Schoolzone receives over 20,000 unique users a day, making it one of the UK's most used educational sites, as well as the biggest- lists 41,000 educational sites reviewed by teachers, 6,000 events & organisers, 35,000 schools and colleges, 6,200 educational suppliers and many, many thousands of educational products and services.

See the E-Blocks Math review at http://www.schoolzone.co.uk/resources/evaluations/evaluation.asp?evalID=5007&adminview=1

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