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16 Jul 2007
An E-Blocks® experience in Argentina

The St. Andrew's School, one of the more traditional schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina, has recently adopted E-Blocks as part of the English language materials for its bilingual education. Below is an interview with the school's General Director, Mr. Gabriel Rshaid about their experience with E-Blocks so far.

E-Blocks News Editor (EE): There's recognition of the central role of education in the development strategies of Latin American countries for facing the challenges imposed by the advance of the scientific-technological revolution, transformations in production and democratization. In your opinion, what is the real importance of educational technologies?

Gabriel Rshaid (GR): Beyond the unquestionable impact that the development of technology has on teaching and learning, bringing about profound changes in the knowledge paradigm (which is a whole other case in point), it becomes indispensable from the point of view of student skills to incorporate technology into the teaching process. In the "flat world" that has been talked about for some time, where all countries have equal opportunities and allow that less-developed economies complement production processes, it is unthinkable that when finishing school, students haven't been exposed to relevant technological experiences. In the current macroeconomic context, a lack of a solid knowledge in technology is almost equivalent to illiteracy. And just as with the ability to read and write, those who do not incorporate these skills almost intuitively, have almost no chance of recovering.

EE: St. Andrew's is one of the most traditional schools in Argentina. What is the main motivation for buying / implementing Educational Technology into the school?

GR: Certainly we are a traditional school, and being as such, we value the principles that have guided the school, unchanged for 168 years. It is these very values that will give our alumni the means to find direction in times when change is the only certainty. But it is very important for us to complement the traditional teaching with advanced instructional practices to endow our students with the strength they need to become global citizens in a world that has changed.

EE: How can the E-Blocks solution contribute to instructional practices at St. Andrew's?

GR: The E-Blocks system, in addition to being an advanced language-learning tool, makes it possible to develop technological skills at an age when each minute invested in teaching children is an investment with almost infinite results. Through the use of E-Blocks our students will not only be exposed to a new and interesting way of learning English but they will also be able to develop their potential in terms of technological skills.
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