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09 Apr 2007
Hong-Kong Interactive 'Learning & Teaching English' Event

On March 20, 2007 more then 400 educators from Hong-Kong, visitors from Korea, Taiwan and China filled the Exhibition gallery of Hong-Kong Central Library. During the entire day professional seminars, workshops and exhibition introduced new ideas and activities on interactive ways of learning the English language. The highlight of the event was the E-Blocks system that was presented in a special area. Working stations were set and groups of 5-6 children from kindergartens and Primary schools were scheduled to use it along with their teachers.

Mrs. Winnie Wong, the general manager of the HK E-Blocks distribution company, conducted the professional seminars, case studies and teaching demonstrations sharing a real E-Blocks experience with school principals, teachers and parents. Dr. Nira Krumholtz, a pedagogical specialist, the head of 'IDEA Center', gave her academic contribution by explaining the advantages of the E-Blocks system. She talked about the benefits of having the constructivism approach the hands-on feature and TPR method combined in one system. A major display was set up on the 'English Fun Activities' so children could participate and experience learning in a fun and relaxed way by building words and playing with the blocks.

The event was organized by 'Luk Chiu Kwan Hung's Child Development Research Center' with the help of Moshe Lahav, E-Blocks International Marketing and Sales Consultant. Feedback from participants, including parents and children, was very positive and enthusiastic while teachers showed great interest and excitement to implement the E-Blocks learning system in their classrooms. The visitors from abroad expressed their hopes to run a similar event on their own countries.

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