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Children work together to respond to the stimuli and questions presented by different level software and place the blocks in the sensory panel to form their answers.

The E-blocks

The system can be used either as a total class solution or to supplement other materials.

To use E-Blocks, the teacher sets up the learning environment by dividing the class into groups which will have a unique sign-on (represented by an easy-to-recognize picture for non-readers.) The teacher decides how the group will be formed – it can be heterogeneous or not, depending on the needs of each class.

Working in small groups, the children sit around the E-Blocks sensory panel. Activities include:
• Topic presentation, i.e. letters or vocabulary are introduced in a visually exciting format including sound and animation.
• Practice through interactive activities using pictures, animation and sound to reinforce learning.
• Consolidation of skills through games, songs, chants and rhymes.
• Revision through games.


Teacher Technology Skills

Using the E-Blocks system requires no technical knowledge on the part of the teacher – everything is clearly shown and student involvement is extremely straightforward.

Further, the system provides an invaluable tool for teachers by both presenting and allowing practice through showing and listening.
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