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About Positivo

The Positivo Corporation was established in 1972. Today, it is the market leader in Brazil in Education, Printing and Publishing and Information Technology – its three areas of activity and is also present in several countries throughout the world.

The fundamental values that guide the Corporation are: knowledge, ethics, work and progress with a solid commitment to social responsibility policies that focus on education, social inclusion and environmental preservation.

Created in 1989, Positivo Informática is the Corporation’s technology branch. It is currently the largest manufacturer of computers in Brazil and the leading software developer in Latin America.

At present, roughly 9,000 schools use the Positivo educational tools. The list of products includes learning tables (a revolutionary tool that integrates educational software and concrete materials in a collaborative environment for teaching languages and other subjects), state-of-the-art computer science labs, English language teaching software, translation pens, simulators, as well as educational and entertainment software, among others.
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Positivo Informática